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They were a very efficient rubbish removal crew. Rubbish Removal Brixton were friendly, did an amazing job, and I'll definitely be using them again.

  • S. Cook

Furniture Clearance Company Brixton offer the best value for money when it comes to rubbish removal; that's what first attracted me to them and I'm glad it did.

  • Jimmy J.

Furniture Clearance Company Brixton sent some top-notch blokes to see to my garden shed clearance. The men shifted the rubbish out of my garden and took it all away for me. The job was done in just half an hour and things were done well. Great job!

  • Pete Black

Building and construction work is a messy business, there is no way around it and as much as I try to keep the yard clean, junk does build up over time. The amount of waste in the yard was beginning to become an issue and it started to impact the job, so I called Brixton Business Waste Removal Services who gave me a great quote for builders waste collection. In just a couple of hours the waste was gone and the yard was completely clear!

  • Jacob Goodman

Home Clearance Company Brixton were fantastic! They cleared away all my rubbish which was beginning to cause me real problems, but they rectified the situation in next to no time. I was thrilled with what took place and am delighted now that I've got a clean and clear, rubbish-free property. Kudos to their team for all the hard work.

  • Jenny K.

Home Clearance Company Brixton carried out a super fast and affordable garden clearance after we had our garden landscaped. There were various piles of waste but it all went with no problems. Great service and thanks to the friendly driver and loaders for such a good garden clearance service.

  • Donna Bennett

I finally made the decision to go through the rubbish and clear away the mess in my loft which I tend to use as a storage place for junk and items I've collected and discarded over the years. After sorting through my items and deciding what to get rid of for good, I realised there was far too much for me to throw away myself, so I called upon the loft clearance services of RubbishRemovalBrixton. They were incredible from the get go and thanks to them I can now make proper use of my loft space.

  • Sally

Couldn't have asked for more. They turned up on time and cleared up all the debris that were left in my back garden by the previous owner. It cost me less to hire RubbishRemovalBrixton than it would have been to do it myself and take it to a dump. I can highly recommend them for doing an efficient garden waste clearance.

  • Amelia Bryant

I'd like to thank Rubbish Removal Brixton and their lovely teams for getting rid of all of the waste our builders left behind. It was a big job, and it was one I didn't have time for, but the teams worked hard to get everything done. I couldn't be more pleased, and I will definitely be using this service again!

  • Abby D.

It had become impossible to concentrate on work as there was a pile of junk gathered in my office. Office waste was laying everywhere and a number of waste clearing efforts went in vain. That was when Brixton Business Waste Removal Services's office waste clearance team came to our help. Their extensive waste removal services ensured that all the rubbish gathered in my office was disposed properly. Now, all the junk and rubbish have become a story of past for me and my colleagues. Our work environment is a lot chirpier and happier place to be in! All thanks to this wonderful office clearance service.

  • George Price

I used Rubbish Removal Brixton recently to empty my Granny's home after she went into a residential home. The staff was friendly and helpful in advising us how to get rid of the better things, before they took the waste away. The service was done promptly and at a sensible cost. A great job and thanks!

  • Alison Brown

I had a first class rubbish removal service by Brixton Business Waste Removal when I was moving home. I had collected a lot of old items and electrical stuff over the years as well as had old furniture pieces to move. I knew that they required a lot of effort to get rid of so I opted to hire the experts to deal with it. These guys did a super job for a good price, and it was done with care.

  • Nicholas H.

We were moving house and had a good clear out as I didn't want to pay for the removals company to move old and broken garden and household appliances. So we had a sort through from top to bottom and made up a load to be taken away by a rubbish clearance company. I used RubbishRemovalBrixton and they were wonderful. From initially calling to supply a quote to the actual day, it all went extremely well and for a price within my means! Well done!

  • Paula Peterson

I was over the moon with the clearance company Brixton Business Waste Removal who took away all unwanted rubbish after some building work on my house. There was cement, bricks and wood and lots of it, but that wasn't a problem for these guys. It was dealt with fast and efficiently and I was supplied with a fantastic service for a good cost.

  • Sarah Lee

Brilliant! That is the rubbish removal service I have just used to get rid of all of my old tat. RubbishRemovalBrixton did a really great job at clearing out my old broken bits and pieces, as well as old and non working electrical appliances I had for ages in the garage. A really great and inexpensive service!

  • Stuart Copeland